Greenville Business Solutions.pdfA resent survey shows that many individuals (as high as 55%) and  organizations (as high as 48%) are dissatisfied in the services or solutions provided by  service providers in ten core areas of  deliveries .This impart directly or indirectly on  the overall individual or organizational goals and objectives. 

For instance, it is established as a rule that at least 11% of customers leave because  of impart of service or solution providers  on organizations.

 Individuals/organizations  lose up to 33% (or more) of their profit due to poor service or solution deliveries by service providers, vendors, contractors or suppliers. 

The  issues range from quality, timing, pricing, defects, failures, breaches, inconsistencies,  and so on.

And it seems there is no solution after much ado. 

This is where we come in.

We are Greenville Services & Solutions

                      Excellent Professional Services & Solutions

Let us provide professional insights and foresight for your individual and business interests in any of these areas  :

  Training & Development

  Recruitment & Talent Management

  Workforce Outsourcing

  Management Consulting

  Printing & Publishing Services

  Website Development & Management

  Office Management – Structure & Supplies

   Business Advisory


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